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Switzerland warms to Tiny Houses -The small house movement
The small house movement, an American concept that’s gaining momentum in Switzerland, offers housing that is more affordable and ecologically friendly. But in the highly regulated alpine country, getting a long-term parking permit for tiny homes can be a problem. These structures are generally less than 1,000 square feet (93 m2), and represent a different way of living, allegedly offering more "freedom" than a regular house. Swiss Public Television, SRF, took a look inside Conny and Sandro Huber's tiny house in Affeltrangen in canton Thurgau. It cost around CHF70,000 ($70,482) and measures 27 m2. The "bedroom" is simply a bit of roof space over the kitchen, so there is no standing room. This is not a problem for Conny Huber: "You sleep lying down, right? You just have to get used to it." Sandro says it's better than a caravan or camper van because you can choose the fixtures and fittings.