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My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The past couple of months have been particularly trying, as the effects of the novel corona virus have impacted all our lives in unimaginable ways. But I believe God has preserved us and adhering to prescribed safety measures have been equally helpful.

As you may all be already aware, the Federal Authorities have announced plans to ease the lock down measures currently in place from 27th April 2020, to bring some normality to life. We can only hope that such plans will achieve the intended results and we must all endeavour to co-operate with the authorities.

It is also important that we continue to look out for each other by staying connected and regularly checking up on friends within our various social circles and family members.

Much as it is my fervent hope that no one becomes directly affected by COVID—19, I urge you to notify either the Permanent Mission in Geneva or the Ghana Embassy in Bern, of any incident related to the disease within our community. As representatives of the Government of Ghana, your individual as well as collective welfare remain key to our mandate and we are here to listen to you, to encourage you and to support you in any way we can.

Although the Mission and the Embassy are closed, emergency requests for consular assistance will continue to be considered and addressed with the urgency required.

To this end, my fellow Ghanaians, let us keep the light of hope burning in our hearts, and continue with our practical efforts through social distancing and strictly following enhanced hygiene protocols as provided by the WHO, health experts and Geneva Canton. For now, this is the only way we can collectively defeat the virus.

Keep well and stay safe, for this too shall pass.


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